Featured at the GSAC:

Osborne Villageopoly

Jun 29, 2016 to Jul 8, 2016

Our one of a kind game! Osborne Villageopoly is Osborne Village’s very own board game. A timeless piece that shows a snapshot of Osborne Villageopoly. 

All proceeds help redevelop the Gas Station Arts Centre to ensure the…



Upcoming Events:

Osborne Villageopoly

Jun 29, 2016 to Jul 8, 2016

Osborne Villageopoly

The Gas Station Arts Centre has created a real estate game with real Osborne Villageopoly!

<b>WGC presents<i> SUMMER OF '16</i> Benefit Concert</b>

On: Jul 9, 2016

WGC presents SUMMER OF '16 Benefit Concert

After a two year hiatus, we present SUMMER OF '16: A Benefit Concert in support of Winnipeg Harvest.

<b>VENUE #18 - Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival 2016-<i> The DnD Improv Show: NINE</i></b>

On: Jul 13, 2016 to Jul 17, 2016 & Jul 19, 2016 to Jul 22, 2016 & Jul 23, 2016

VENUE #18 - Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival 2016- The DnD Improv Show: NINE

The DnD Improv Show is back for its NINTH installment of improvised comedy!

<b>VENUE #18 - Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2016 - <i>Outside Joke: The Improvied Musical</i></b>

On: Jul 14, 2016 to Jul 17, 2016 & Jul 20, 2016 to Jul 22, 2016 & Jul 23, 2016

VENUE #18 - Winnipeg Fringe Festival 2016 - Outside Joke: The Improvied Musical

The Improvised Musical is a magical musical adventure!

GSAC News:

Wine Raffle Winners!

Wine Raffle Winners!

Saturday Gala 50/50 winners are tickets #0247 and #0819

Hey there, Saturday Early Gala ticket winner is ticket #0247. Saturday Late Gala ticket winner is ticket #0819. Please call (204)284-9477 to pick up your prize. Thursday and Friday Prizes have been claimed. Thanks for your support Winnipeg Comedy Fest

Manitoba Government Announces Partnership

Manitoba government announces partnership to create unique project combining affordable housing and the arts.

History of GSAC blog post

Details of the corner's history, from gas station to theatre.

New era for the Gas Station Arts Centre!

Redevelopment of the GSAC property approved unanimously by City Council.

Venue Redevelopment

We have been exploring the possible redevelopment and rebuilding of the Arts Centre. It's a really exciting time, and we'd like you to share in the excitement!